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The evolution of gift

  We company is a professional engaged in gift of company, following small series for you explained of is gift of evolution.
rites • Qu ceremony Shang said: "reciprocity, to and not to, indecent assault also, to and not to, also indecent assault also." gift, is and other series etiquette activities together produced and development up of. we know, ceremony up stems from ancient period of sacrifice activities. in sacrifice Shi, people except with specification of action, and pious of attitude to God said reverence and fear outside, Also will himself most has value, and most can reflected on God tribute of items (that sacrifice) dedication Yu gods.
may from then up, in ceremony of meaning in the, on began has has material of components and performance has. that ceremony can to real of form appeared. on gift this concept, also was said it initially from ancient war in the due to tribal merger and produced of "tribute", is was conquered who regularly to conquered who sent to food, and slave,, to said on was conquered who of obey and begging conquered who of asylum.


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